Our Vegan-friendly status

To declare a candle as Vegan (and achieve approval to use the Vegan trademark) is a confusing and complicated process, including a review of every single element of the candle, labelling (including adhesives), packaging, etc.


As a new small business, obtaining supplies from various sources, it has not been practical for us to embark on this process at this stage.

HOWEVER, we are a responsible business with a strong focus on natural products, and have no hesitation in affirming that our products are vegan-friendly. 

  • Our waxes are 100% natural and plant-based. We use a completely natural blend of Coconut and Rapeseed Wax as the basis for our products. 

  • Our scents and Fragrance Oils are sourced from reputable industry suppliers, and scents are typically floral / wood. 

  • Our wicks are a natural Cotton / Linen mix. They also contain a very thin layer of paraffin wax to provide stability.

  • Product labels are all sourced from reputable UK/EU-based suppliers, who also supply many Vegan-accredited companies. We believe these to be 100% vegan-friendly.   

We are not aware ​of any non-vegan items within our products or packaging, and will continually assess our product range in order to keep things natural wherever possible.