My love for candles started when I was young. With my childhood split between the UK and the Caribbean, I remember those stormy nights when yet again there would be a power cut and my brother and I would feverishly hunt around for candles and matches. Or lighting candles on All Souls Day to remember loved ones lost. There was always something thrilling yet safe in lighting a candle.

Asher Oh Flick candles

Candles with attitude!

Oh Flick candles don't just look and smell good, they make a statement...if you don't feel comfortable expressing how you feel, let Oh Flick do it for you!

Home-made and hand-poured with love


We only use a natural wax blend of Coconut and Rapeseed Wax

Asher and Simon Oh Flick candles

Fast forward to adulthood, marriage, and the working world, candles became my go-to item. I'd spend ages online and in-store (my poor husband!) searching for the right candles and the scents that I love. I'd even get excited about the packaging (sad, I know). Lighting a candle was my way of de-stressing on bad days, a staple item in our home, and for the lucky few a way to cheer up my friends.

I wish I could say that the decision for my husband and I to create Oh Flick came suddenly. It came out of a longing to do something different with my life. For years I would take the same route to work racking my brain, thinking about starting my own business....a business based on something I loved and where I could express myself. A business that didn't rely on knowing the latest "Business Bullshit" saying or memorising football scores to be part of the club. That's where Oh Flick was born.

Oh Flick candles business bullshit
Asher looking at Oh Flick candle

I wanted the Oh Flick brand to be more than just candles that look and smell good. There are already many fantastic-looking and smelling candles out there. Oh Flick is a form of expression, a vessel to express your thoughts & feelings. An outlet to share how you really feel or the perfect gift to make someone smile.

But hey, if you just want a great quality candle that looks & smells great, we've got you covered. We don't discriminate! 


Let us be part of your "Oh Flick" moment.



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